Plant Derived Proteins

Plant vs. Bacteria

We love about science, the discover of new approaches and each has their own specific benefits. Yeast, prokaryote, or plant, different approaches yield different results. No one solution is the best for everyone.

The world is moving towards production methods for human biomaterials that are Animal Component Free “ACF” to minimize known bacterial safety risks.

MNPHARM’s production method using plants over traditional methods, is the only method available today that is animal component free “ACF” with human-like glycosylation.

As a key benefit of plant based production, we don't need elaborate filtration or removal systems to remove any animal components...because they were never there in the first place.

Our proteins have minimal known bacterial safety risks and include needed human-like glycosylation. Our team of scientists test them extensively to ensure they perform equal to or better than current products on the market.

Every protein developed is tested for proper folding and activity to ensure our clients receive the highest quality product available.

MNPharm proteins generally have a 10-20% higher activity.

Our process is simple, effective, and lower cost because we don't need lots of fancy bacteria management and filtration systems.

After years of research and development, MNPHARM is positioned for growth and commercial opportunity.