About Us

MNPHARM SBC is a manufacturer of recombinant regenerative proteins using a proprietary method called molecular farming. We supply these proteins to researchers working on therapeutic development.

Our plant based expression method only takes 7 days. We offer faster production and lower cost resulting in rapid therapeutic development.


  • Helping Research:  MNPHARM is currently working with research organizations in need of recominant proteins. Bio-research involves repetitive testing to reach a positive conclusion. Traditional methods of protein production for testing  is very costly, time consuming and inefficient.
  • Lowering Production Cost:   Indoor plant based protein production cuts out many of the costly aspects of conventional production. We express proteins in days instead of traditional methods that can take months and our proprietary extraction and purification methods have higher yields.
  • Plants are Safer:  Most of the traditional methods used to produce therapeutic proteins are animal based and come with the risk of microbial contamination caused by animal bacteria. Using plants to produce protein eliminates the risk for microbial contamination.
  • Rapid Response:  The World Health Organization is concerned with rapid response to epidemics. In an emergency response situation, our plants would yield a high volume of necessary protein in days whereas traditional methods for protein production require months to achieve the same level of production.