MNPHARM molecular farming combines technology advances in plant microbial genetic engineering, protein purification and controlled indoor agriculture to provide rapid access to affordable recombinant proteins.

MNPHARM is dedicated to producing human recombinant proteins needed to assist therapeutic development by lowering the cost of these proteins to the research community using our proprietary plant based protein expression methods.

Recombinant Human VEGF-165 Protein is one of the proteins we produce and is shown to stimulates the formation of blood vessels. MNPHARM is able to consistently express and purify large amounts of human recombinant VEGF-165 at a purity of >95%.

SAVE up to 70% with MNPHARM. Compared to other means of protein production, our proprietary expression methods offers the lowest overall cost, short production times and exceptionally high quality.

Plants assemble difficult to-make, and multi-subunit proteins with proper post-translational modifications for humans. Engineered plants produce glycosylated proteins identical to that obtained from mammalian cell culture, with a low contamination risk from endotoxins, viruses, prions and oncogenic DNA.

MNPHARM, SBC., has its own proprietary transient expression platform tailored for high yields of pure protein using transgenic plants. Since researchers are currently paying over $4,000 per milligram for regenerative recombinant VEGF-165 protein, our most immediate goal is to scale our infrastructure and expertise to reduce the cost of human recombinant proteins for regenerative medicine by 100-fold.

Detailed techno-economic analyses predict future protein production costs of less than $10 per milligram at a production scale of 300 kilogram of protein per year. In summary, the major advantages for molecular farming include scalability, speed, high yield and quality, safety and cost.

By lowering the cost of proteins needed for therapeutic development, MNPHARM achieves its stated goal of “Advancing Plant Based Medicine” by increasing the pace of therapeutic discovery allowing remedy’s for disease to become available to the general public much quicker and at a lower cost.